The Relive Box

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The Relive Box and Other Stories ist T.C. Boyles zwölfter Kurzgeschichtenband. Das Buch erschien im Oktober 2017, bei Ecco und Bloomsbury. Auf seiner Homepage – – schreibt Boyle über diese Kurzgeschichtensammlung:

These stories, presented in a variety of modes and voices, are my most recent attempts to make some sort of artistic sense of the environmental and existential issues of our time. Two of them — »The Relive Box« and »Are We Not Men?« — project into the near future to assess the ramifications, respectively, of our obsession with computer gaming and the new CRISPR technology that allows us quickly and easily to create transgenic creatures. Others, like »She’s the Bomb«, »The Designee« and »Warrior Jesus« are inspired by events reported in the news, while several explore environmental issues—global warming in »Surtsey, multiple-drug-resistant bacteria in »The Fugitive« and the drought afflicting the Southwest in »You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til the Well Runs Dry)«. »Theft and Other Issues« came to me from a friend whose car had been stolen, while »The Five-pound Burrito« derives from the obituary of a man whose legacy is the creation memorialized in the title. In the beginning was the word, and accordingly, this mysterious place we call the world is composed, first and foremost, of stories, only stories.

Inhalt der Originalausgabe:

  1. The Relive Box
  2. She’s the Bomb
  3. Are We Not Men?
  4. The Five-Pound Burrito
  5. The Argentine Ant
  6. Surtsey
  7. Theft and Other Issues
  8. Subtract One Death
  9. You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til the Well Runs Dry)
  10. The Designee
  11. Warrior Jesus
  12. The Fugitive


The Relive BoxTitel der Originalausgabe: The Relive Box and Other Stories
Erscheinungstermin: Oktober 2017
Bloomsbury | ISBN 978-1408890134
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